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Personal On-Site Consultation

Includes 1 x 900 minute session

1 payment of $3500.00

This is a program for parents who want to work one-on-one with me from the privacy of their home. Often, clients find it helpful for me to “see” what is happening in their homes as a way to bring new perspective to a situation. As a trained Parent Educator and Coach, I find the “gaps” that are impeding progress.

During the onsite coaching, we will explore not only the areas in your parenting that are challenging, but the areas that are working well. In addition, we will work together to:

 Create an intentional Parenting Plan that supports your values, personalities and preferences, and a collaborative family atmosphere.

 Design a specific training system that supports each child as they become more independent and self-reliant.

 Demonstrate specific strategies, techniques, tools and communication styles that help establish order, peace, cooperation and mutual respect.

 Offer specific feedback on your parent/child interactions.

 Observe the morning routine and/or other exchanges between you and the kids, which allow me to make accurate assessments and identify areas of strength and areas for change.

 Observe the family interaction as you begin to implement new strategies.

 Make myself available to answer your questions by email or phone during our first few weeks of work together.   15 hours of observation, instruction and coaching. - Hours will be distributed between on-site visits and private coaching with parents. - Services to last between 6 and 8.

 30 minute follow up calls to be scheduled on an as-need basis during our work together.

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