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3 Hour Coaching Package

Includes 3 x 60 minute sessions

1 payment of $555.00

The bundle of 3 sessions allows us to look at your life’s circumstance in greater detail. This length of time is perfect for those challenges to which you have made some progress or improvement, but are still feeling stuck.

It could be that:

Your children are transitioning from toddler-hood to school-age or you have an emerging adolescent and you want to guide your children through this tricky terrain with confidence and ease.

You are beginning to experience an increase in power struggles and you want solutions that will help you maintain a healthy, loving and respectful relationship with your children for the long-term, and ensure you all get out of the house on time without tears or tantrums (yours or theirs).

You want help with smoother morning or evening routines, more respectful communication, revitalized family meetings or a more encouraging environment for you and your family.

The same situations or issues keep tripping you up and while you've had some successes, you can't seem to nail down a solution that feels right and will continue work over the long haul.

With this Coaching Package you will create a parenting plan that you can implement to help you raise capable, cooperative, responsible and respectful kids who will grow into emotionally healthy, high functioning, contributing adults, and I will be with you as you get started.

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